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VistaDB 5.0.5 Released

We’ve shipped VistaDB 5.0.5 – a rollup of defects reported in the last few months. ¬†Most of the issues were related to ASP.NET usage of VistaDB 5 but there’s also a query fix in there and a change in how Pack works to use less memory. ¬†Packs may take longer in some cases where systems…

Loupe 3.8 Wireframe Sample

Developing Loupe 3.8 – Details on what’s coming and why

Loupe 3.8 development is well underway – read up on what’s coming including new customer support views, integration options with third parties, and more! This is the first in a series of articles on 3.8 as we go backstage to offer a transparent picture of what’s coming and why. Interested in making sure we hit the points you want? See what’s already planned and have your say!