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Loupe 3.5.1 Now Available

We’ve just shipped the latest release of Loupe – version 3.5.1.  For the most part this is a defect fix rollup for Loupe 3.5 with a number of detailed tweaks, performance improvements, and functional fixes.  But, we’ve also got a few new items in the mix:

  • Loupe Viewer:  The single-file LoupeViewer.exe is now available in the SDK from the installation for those who don’t want to (or can’t) use NuGet.
  • PostSharp 3.0 Support: the various PostSharp agents have had their names adjusted and a new one for PostSharp 3.0 included.  You will need a (free) PostSharp Express license to use this new agent under PostSharp 3.0.

Keeping with our new tradition on deploying updates to NuGet as soon as they are available these items were previously published to NuGet.  Because it is still in pre-release we haven’t included the Loupe Agent for Entity Framework in this distribution, it’s only available on NuGet.

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