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VistaDB 5.0 Released!

VistaDB 5After over 18 months of continuous development VistaDB 5.0 has been released! We’ve met our goals for functionality and performance enhancements, passed a battalion of tests, and run four distinct betas all to ensure that this is not just the best release of VistaDB yet but the best embedded database on the market today.  Over the next few weeks we’ll be running a series of blog articles diving into different aspects of how VistaDB 5 works and the improvements from previous versions but the bottom line is it’s ready for you to use in production with confidence.

What’s New?

The best rundown is right in the release notes which cover all of the goodies from new features through defect fixes.  It’s also worth looking at the blog post announcing the release candidate that covers a lot of what’s new in a more compact form.

We’ve created all new documentation sections to cover a range of getting started scenarios as well as upgrading from previous versions and migrating from SQL Server.  We’ve gotten some great feedback from folks that have really appreciated these getting started guides and helped us improve them during the beta process.

What’s Next?

We’re going to continue to listen to you, the community, on what’s most important – after a well deserved break our team will be back at it, listening for the next most important things you want us to make happen.  Just about every improvement we’ve made came directly from a customer saying “it’d make a difference to me if you could do X”.  Languages changes, supporting other frameworks, performance improvements and tool features – what we create is driven by you.  Send an email to support with your ideas and we’ll take it from there!

And our Thanks

Finally, I want to extend my personal gratitude to all of the folks that made this possible.  From outside Gibraltar Software this includes the members of the community that took the time to download the betas and give us great feedback – particularly when the results were not good – and a special shout out to Telerik who went above and beyond by providing us with access to their ADO.NET test suite which is the best on the planet (6000+ torture tests of twisted SQL Syntax!).  I also want to thank Rob Parker, the Database Engine team lead that’s been shepherding this release from its original conception all the way through to release day.  If you’ve sent us a tough question, you probably got a long response from Rob on what’s behind it and what we can do.

When we took over VistaDB in 2010 people were wondering what it’s future would hold – would we invest in it and really make a difference. I’m proud to point to VistaDB 5 to show the bright future of this platform.  We’re just getting started!

Kendall Miller, CEO

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