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Article Series

Most posts on Rock Solid are written as articles, stand alone or in a series. Instead of you having to search by keyword or use tags to find likely matches, here are some of the top article series written on the site:

Getting to Know Loupe

  1. Making a Start: First steps, adding it to your application.
  2. Recording Exceptions: Now, capture exceptions in their full detail in your application.
  3. Swapping Trace for Log: Upgrade logging by replacing .NET Trace with native Gibraltar logging.

Loupe 3.0 Deep Dive

  1. Super sized Sessions: No matter how long it runs or how much you log, you can get your data.
  2. Live Network Log Viewing: See what’s happening in your servers in real time, over the Internet.
  3. Working Fluidly with Sessions: Analyst is faster moving between sessions and getting up to date regardless of how long it’s been since you ran it.

Product Feedback

  1. Tough Love for Products: Do your favorite products a favor, tell them what they’re getting wrong.
  2. If Not Your Friends, Who?: Who to actively hunt down feedback from, and why.
  3. Listen to the Symphony: Evaluating the tenor of all the feedback you get.

Defect Perspectives

  1. It Depends On Your Perspective: Put product issues into perspective to know what to fix and when.
  2. The Diagnostic Perspective: How deep and how long do you look into an issue?
  3. The Resolution Perspective: Famous Last words: What could go wrong? Regardless of how trivial the defect is there are very real costs and risks to resolving it.

Build Automation

  1. Setting the Stage: What IS a build anyway? And why would people not want to automate it?
  2. The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread: Why you really want to insist on automating your build process. Today. Get a pizza and get cracking.
  3. Get Rich Slowly: How to create an automated build incrementally and make it a natural evolutionary process of your team

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