More Loupe is Now Open Source

As part of Loupe 3.8 development we’ve published all of the extension libraries for the Loupe Agent and others as open source to GitHub. From here forward we’ll be developing those with you, the community, in public. Everything has the same support as always by us, so it’s the best of both worlds!


VistaDB 5.0.5 Released

We’ve shipped VistaDB 5.0.5 – a rollup of defects reported in the last few months.  Most of the issues were related to ASP.NET usage of VistaDB 5 but there’s also a query fix in there and a change in how Pack works to use less memory.  Packs may take longer in some cases where systems…

Sessions 3 – Find – Filter – Advanced

Loupe Development Backstage Pass – Wireframes for 4

The first round of wireframes from Loupe 3.7 Development – part of our new Backstage Pass series showing you what’s going on with development as it happens, and in time for your feedback to make a difference! See what we’re doing to enable key user support scenarios with Loupe 3.8 with the new computer and session views.

Loupe 3.8 Wireframe Sample

Developing Loupe 4 – Details on what’s coming and why

Loupe 4.0 development is well underway – read up on what’s coming including new customer support views, integration options with third parties, and more! This is the first in a series of articles on 4.0 as we go backstage to offer a transparent picture of what’s coming and why. Interested in making sure we hit the points you want? See what’s already planned and have your say!

Loupe Backstage Pass

Get a Backstage Pass to Loupe Development

A Different Development Approach With a larger development team and a more mature product, we have the luxury now of developing Loupe 3.8 more “in the open” than we used to.  The biggest concern about showing your hand early is that priorities will change and you will leave people disappointed about what you haven’t delivered…


Should I Make a Log Wrapper Class?

Should you create your own abstraction to sit between your code and a logging system or use one directly? What if you’re creating a library for other users and don’t want to restrict their choice of logging system? We’ve got some guidance from over five years of working with customers creating great logging and application diagnostics, and the answers may surprise you.

Loupe Login

Loupe 3.7.0 Released!

Continuing our trend of adding features for scale up & out scenarios with Loupe we’ve just released Loupe 3.7 with new features to help you get more out of Loupe: Active Directory Integration: Use AD for user authentication and user provisioning. Connect to Multiple Servers: A single Loupe Desktop can connect to many different Loupe Servers…


Loupe Active Directory Integration: More than Just Logging in

Loupe 3.7 adds support for Active Directory making it easy to administer the security of your Loupe installation along with the rest of your environment. Users can be automatically provisioned and removed based on AD group membership giving you confidence that access to your information is restricted to the right parties.

Loupe Desktop – Log Message Search

Loupe 3.6.1 Released!

The latest release of Loupe adds desktop log message search improvements, Enterprise Live Session and new Administration features for simplifying multi-server Enterprise deployments


VistaDB 5.0.4 Now Available

VistaDB 5.0.4 is now available with fixes for reported issues. This update is particularly useful for Entity Framework and Mono scenarios.