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Gibraltar: Preserving User Privacy in your CEIP

For day 23 of our Advent calendar we have a simple treat you can use to balance your needs with your user’s expectations of privacy. Gibraltar is designed to work across a range of uses from in-house corporate applications to public consumer applications.  To handle this requires addressing the whole spectrum of privacy concerns from…


View Logs Remotely in Real Time with Gibraltar

Behind door #20 of our Advent Calendar is a feature that makes all of your logging more valuable – Live Sessions. Many features of Gibraltar are designed to handle situations where you have hundreds, thousands.. even hundreds of thousands of instances of your application running out in the wild you need to get data from. …


Using Gibraltar with Trace

Behind Advent door number 19 is a simple treat – how to use Gibraltar with the logging capabilities of .NET. As soon as the Gibraltar Agent is started within a process it begins listening to a number of sources of information, including: Trace Messages:  Anything sent to System.Diagnostics.Trace will be routed into the Agent. Console…

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Gibraltar: Spot Application Usage Trends with Analyst

Behind door 18 of our Advent treat list is a quick reminder of the great thing you can do with the Analyze Sessions feature in Gibraltar Analyst. At its heart, Analyze Sessions combines a Pivot Grid and a Pivot Chart with all of the session summary information available.  That means over 40 individual data elements…


Using Gibraltar with Log4Net

Today’s Advent treat is how you can easily use Log4Net with Gibraltar Log4Net is, hands down, the most popular logging framework for .NET outside of Trace logging that’s built into the framework itself.   When we were designing the Gibraltar logging API we looked first at the capabilities of Log4Net.  Because of this, while our API is notably different…


Using Gibraltar with NLog

Today’s Advent treat is how you can easily use NLog with Gibraltar Gibraltar has a built-in logging API that’s designed to cover a wide range of user scenarios, but sometimes you want to complement that with a third-party logging system like NLog.  This may be because you already have a deep investment in NLog or…

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Gibraltar Hub and Defect Tracking Systems: Better Together

Today’s Advent treat is on the power of Gibraltar combined with your defect tracking system. Here’s why it’s great: Automatically Create Defects for Each Unique Error In Your Software The key advantage is that you don’t get a defect for each error that happens but rather for each unique error across all of the places your application…


Gibraltar: Get Log Files Immediately When There’s a Problem

It’s Day 12 of Advent and time to open up our next treat, today for users of Gibraltar – how to get the details immediately for your applications when there’s a problem. Most of the time log details don’t need to be collected quickly; it’s better to take an efficient, no impact approach that just…


Extend Gibraltar With Your Own Extensions – Try Our Samples

Today’s quick Advent post is on how to build the Gibraltar Add In Samples we ship so you can use them to get started with your own extensions to Gibraltar. You can create custom addins to extend Gibraltar Analyst and Hub in a variety of neat ways. Building the Sample Project Once you’ve installed Gibraltar…


Handling Hundreds of GB of Log Data with Hub

Behind door 6 of our Advent series we have today’s walkthrough on how you can handle massive amounts of log data with Hub: When you first start out with Gibraltar you usually don’t generate a lot of data – our data files are highly compressed, your sessions in development aren’t too long and there aren’t…

Gibraltar Hub

Working with Gibraltar in a Team Environment

Gibraltar isn’t just a tool for the logging or diagnostic specialist on your team, you can get so much more by providing it to the whole team. See why in this post on Working with Gibraltar in a Team