Three Year Cost Comparison

To the Cloud! Loupe Service is Moving to Azure

We’ve decided to move all our IT off our own servers and data centers into Azure. Our goal is to maximize how much we can run native in the cloud so every minute of our day focuses on benefiting our customers and not patching operating systems or researching network switches or firewalls. Over the next six months we’ll be transitioning services as aggressively as we can to give you the best experience as soon as possible.


Eureka! Yet Another Way to Screw-Up the Morning Coffee

The fundamental challenge of writing software is that computer programs are written by imperfect human beings like me who can screw-up something as simple as brewing a pot of coffee. Have a laugh at my expense and join in the conversation about how nothing is so simple it can’t be messed up. And what are we to do about that as software professionals entrusted to create rock-solid software?


Gibraltar Software Acquires VistaDB

Gibraltar Software is the new home of VistaDB, the only fully managed .NET database that’s compatible with SQL Server. This is great news for existing customers of both products, enabling more development and stability for the future.


Extensible UI: Usability challenges and solutions

Meeting the competing goals of discoverability, simplicity, and user experience progression is complicated. When a user interface has to support dynamic views the challenge is even greater. See how we adjusted part of Gibraltar to deliver on our commitment to great usability while creating new opportunities to extend it to make you look like a rock star.


Gibraltar 2.1.1 Released

New metric charting features dramatically improve flexibility and scalability of metric analysis. The Agent includes new notification capabilities to send real time alerts when errors happen and more performance counters for troubleshooting memory management problems. Also included are scalability improvements and other reliability and performance enhancements, all described in the release notes.


Learning Camtasia Screencasting

I love being part of a startup, except when I don’t.  One thing I love – and occasionally hate – is wearing 47 hats. Unlike big corporate life where there are specialists for everything, in a startup, it’s just you and your team. There’s an amazing range of tasks that you simply must do for yourself.…