Loupe Merge Issues

Loupe 4.0.2 Released with Improved Issue Management, Excel Export and More

We’ve updated Loupe 4 with key improvements to managing issues, a slew of performance upgrades, and our first built-in Excel export in the web UI.  If you’re a Loupe SaaS customer you’re already running 4.0.2 (just upgrade your Windows client) and if you run your own server you can download the latest here. Enhanced Issue…

Slack Notification Example

Use Loupe with Slack for Real-time Error Notification

Team chat is more than just shifting communication out of point-to-point forms like email and Skype – it’s enabling everyone to be more informed without more interruptions. It’s no surprise then that flowing events from Loupe to team chat is our number one customer feature request.

We’ve integrated Loupe with Slack and the results speak for themselves: Whether you use our Loupe service or your own private server you can route the key events you care about into your team Slack for a great real-time experience.

SQL Azure Pricing Tier

Migrating SQL Server to SQL Azure – The Loupe Service goes Cloud Native

As part of our move to the cloud we’re migrating from SQL Server VM’s to SQL Azure. Unfortunately this isn’t as simple as SQL Server migrations in the past but there are some tools to help – plus you can benefit from some of our hard-worn experience to avoid crippling performance issues and other challenges.

Three Year Cost Comparison

To the Cloud! Loupe Service is Moving to Azure

We’ve decided to move all our IT off our own servers and data centers into Azure. Our goal is to maximize how much we can run native in the cloud so every minute of our day focuses on benefiting our customers and not patching operating systems or researching network switches or firewalls. Over the next six months we’ll be transitioning services as aggressively as we can to give you the best experience as soon as possible.

Event Authentication Failed

The Loupe Service’s Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

After deploying Loupe 4.0.1 it took us 30 hours to identify and fix a problem that prevented Loupe Desktop from connecting to our Service. Why did we miss such a big problem? Read up on what happened, the five whys behind it, and what we’re looking at to avoid problems like this in the future.

Loupe on NuGet

Loupe 4.0 – Agents and Samples on NuGet and GitHub

Loupe Agents and samples are now exclusively published out to NuGet and their source code made available on GitHub. For 4.0 we’ve dropped including the assemblies in the Loupe Desktop installation. Customers already using NuGet will see a smooth upgrade experience. If you’re using locally installed assemblies, now is the time to switch over to NuGet!


Loupe 4.0 – Find the Right Log and Open it Fast, all from Your Desktop

Loupe 4.0 provides much tighter integration between the Loupe Desktop log viewer and the central log repository managed by Loupe Server. Read on to learn how Loupe 4… Optimizes updates to the list of available logs Synchronizes your personal list of recently accessed logs across all your devices Synchronizes log deletes and “new” status across…

Your Applications

Loupe 4.0 – Your Loupe Dashboard Brings it All Together

Every development team working with a range of data sits back at some point and says “You know what we need?  A Great Dashboard.  Yeah, that’ll help everyone out!”  It seems so simple in concept – bring together summary data from across the system into one view – but more often than not the end result…

Your Loupe New

Loupe 4.0 – New Web Look & Feel

Modernizing the User Experience While developing Loupe 4 we knew we were adding a lot of new UI functionality that would require brushing up the look & feel of the application.  We met with our favorite UX guys, RocketMakers in the UK, and they weren’t inspired by our plan.  Instead, they felt it was time…


Loupe 4.0 Released with New User Focus and Expansive new Web UI

We’ve gone 4.0!  After 18 months of development, three betas and around 800 builds it’s finally here.  Our Loupe Service customers were upgraded this weekend and for everyone else you can download the latest release right away.  If you’re not currently using Loupe, definitely check out our new feature rundown on our main site. Back…