Loupe Merge Issues

Loupe 4.0.2 Released with Improved Issue Management, Excel Export and More

We’ve updated Loupe 4 with key improvements to managing issues, a slew of performance upgrades, and our first built-in Excel export in the web UI.  If you’re a Loupe SaaS customer you’re already running 4.0.2 (just upgrade your Windows client) and if you run your own server you can download the latest here. Enhanced Issue…

Slack Notification Example

Use Loupe with Slack for Real-time Error Notification

Team chat is more than just shifting communication out of point-to-point forms like email and Skype – it’s enabling everyone to be more informed without more interruptions. It’s no surprise then that flowing events from Loupe to team chat is our number one customer feature request.

We’ve integrated Loupe with Slack and the results speak for themselves: Whether you use our Loupe service or your own private server you can route the key events you care about into your team Slack for a great real-time experience.


Loupe 4.0 Released with New User Focus and Expansive new Web UI

We’ve gone 4.0!  After 18 months of development, three betas and around 800 builds it’s finally here.  Our Loupe Service customers were upgraded this weekend and for everyone else you can download the latest release right away.  If you’re not currently using Loupe, definitely check out our new feature rundown on our main site. Back…


Loupe and VistaDB releases with improved Windows 10 support and more

New versions of Loupe and VistaDB are now available that fix a few defects found since the last release of each product.  The most notable issue is a problem that affected every UI we build on Windows 10 where some computers had duplicate font families, causing our font-selection code to fail.  For VistaDB this only…


Loupe Active Directory Integration: More than Just Logging in

Loupe 3.7 adds support for Active Directory making it easy to administer the security of your Loupe installation along with the rest of your environment. Users can be automatically provisioned and removed based on AD group membership giving you confidence that access to your information is restricted to the right parties.


Scale Out with Enterprise Edition, New in Loupe 3.6

Loupe Server is now available in Enterprise edition with support for scale out clustering, terabytes of data through storage pools, and strict data isolation. You can use the same software proven in our SaaS platform to handle terabytes of data every day in your company!


Loupe 3.6 Released!

Loupe 3.6 is now available with new features for managing errors at every level of the development process, viewing logs of any size, and a number of user-driven usability enhancements.