Gibraltar 2.5 New Feature Dive – Viewing Sessions

We previously mentioned that one of our key goals for Gibraltar 2.5 was to scale up.  For the session viewer we wanted to handle larger and more complicated sessions.  For example, we have customers that routinely generate sessions with several million log messages and others that are using metrics aggressively and want to chart a…

Create a New Issue Manually

Gibraltar 2.5 New Feature Dive – Issue Tracking Integration

In our experience, automated error reporting beats user-reported errors 3 to 1! Many of these bugs slip past internal testing because they only show up under specific combinations of conditions – exactly the kind of bugs that drive you nuts and waste your time trying to reproduce them. Gibraltar provides contextual information about the conditions leading up to each error that slashes analysis time. Gibraltar integrates with issue tracking systems to provide intelligent error management.

Notification Rule Editor

Gibraltar 2.5 New Feature Dive – Email Notification

With Gibraltar 2.5 you can receive text or HTML-formatted messages when important events are reported. The messages are pretty and we’ve worked hard to make sure you won’t get flooded when something goes wrong in an app you monitor. They’re easy to configure and are generated automatically on the Server so no one need be logged in.

Metric Chart

Gibraltar 2.5 – Integration, Notifications, Visual Studio 2010 and More

Defect tracking integration, email notifications, powerful extensibility API, and full Visual Studio 2010/.NET 4.0 support are just some of the new and enhanced features in Gibraltar 2.5. We’ve extended the scalability of Gibraltar in each dimension and improved the performance of Hub to make sure it can handle your toughest scenarios.