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Gibraltar 2.1.1 Released

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We’ve published Gibraltar 2.1.1, you can download it right away.  There are a number of great enhancements in this release.  We’ve already covered a few of them before:

Based on feedback on the beta release we’ve added some additional capabilities:

  • Send Session Now: If you subscribe to the Message Alert event you can send the current session immediately to the Hub or Email based on the current configuration by setting one property.  Check out the code sample to see how.
  • Easy email notifications: You can leverage the same email configuration the Agent is configured with to send messages within your application for any reason.
  • Anonymous Data Collection: Session data can be anonymized during collection so no personally-identifying information is sent to you.  Just set one option and you’re good to go.
  • Detailed .NET Memory Counters: You can now enable detailed memory performance counters that monitor the .NET CLR’s garbage collector and memory monitoring.  Very useful for monitoring for memory leaks in production applications.
  • PostSharp Enhancements: We’ve made argument tracking more sophisticated so you can do more without compromising the performance of your application.

We also fixed a number of defects (23) that mostly apply to edge cases, but no defect is minor when it affects you.  In particular, our CEIP identified a error on first time startup in several cultures that prompted users to restart Analyst.  Ouch.  Fortunately we were able to figure it out and fix it.  We addressed Thread Ids too.

Hub Subscriptions Live Too

On February 15 the Gibraltar Hub Service is fully live.  You can get a free 30 day trial and then if you like what you see you can subscribe for terms from 1 month to one year at a scale that works for you – from a single laptop up to your whole large team.   There’s no long term commitment, and you can even easily migrate from the Hub Service to your own private hub down the road if you want to.

This Release Made Possible By People Like You

We say it all the time, but this release in particular was driven entirely by end-user requests.  We’re working on the next major release of Gibraltar but we stepped back and wanted to address requests from our customers and a few prospects as well.  When you read the list of everything we’ve done, other than a few defects we found internally and through the CEIP this is based on what our customers felt was most important.  Are we missing something you need?  Let us know:  we’ve proven we listen again and again and again.

You can read a thorough list of the new features, defect fixes, and changes at What’s New in Gibraltar 2.1.1.
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One thought on “Gibraltar 2.1.1 Released

  1. Nice set of enhancements, good timing too since we are prepping a new build of VistaDB 4.0. Can’t wait to start using this version.

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