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Gibraltar 2.2 Beta 1 Now Available

The first beta of Gibraltar 2.2 is now available to download.  The big picture items in this release are:

  • New add-in integration API: You can do some fun stuff with this, like exporting data to your own data warehouse or integrating with your favorite defect tracker.  We’ve provided some samples to get you started and make sure it’s easy.
  • System tray and run at login integration: Particularly if you’re using Gibraltar Hub this is a killer feature that you have to experience.  It makes integrating Gibraltar into your personal workflow much more fluid.
  • View errors without opening sessions: You can preview the errors in a session without having to open it up to decide if it’s worth drilling into.  This saves a lot of time when reviewing large numbers of sessions.
  • Add metric groups to charts in one step: You can add any number of metrics to a chart at once just by dragging the folder they contain onto the chart.  It’ll sort out the compatibility for you in one step.  If you’ve been using metrics, particularly using our aspects for PostSharp, this feature will save you a lot of time.

A hidden feature for existing Gibraltar users is that we’ve dramatically reduced the memory used for packaging and sending sessions via email or writing them to files.  Basically, we’ve optimized the case where a session isn’t fragmented to never buffer the data in memory resulting in a small and predictable memory footprint even for very large sessions.

Safe for production use

The reason this is considered a Beta release is because of the new Add-In integration API.  This affects Analyst only.  Otherwise it has passed all of our production tests and is safe to deploy and use broadly.  We are likely to make changes to the Add-In API based on your feedback and our own experience for the final release.

We will provide our normal full support for this release at least through shipping the final release of 2.2.

Path to final release

We expect to wrap up the beta of 2.2 and ship the production version in the next 6-8 weeks depending on your feedback.  We want to make sure there are several add-ins available on initial release and get in some other exiting capabilities we can’t talk about just yet before we close the books on Gibraltar 2 and move on to our next major release.

This is a great chance to influence the design of a major feature of Gibraltar – play around with creating add-ins and let us know what you think.  What are we missing? What type of add-ins do you want to see (perhaps there’s someone else that wants the same thing)?  Drop us a line and let us know.

Trial users

We’d encourage you to try out this new release as well, particularly if you think you’ll get more out of the new features we’ve added. All you need to do is register for an account (free and fully automated) and you can get it.   Your existing 14 day anonymous trial or 30 day trial key will continue just fine with this beta release.

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