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Loupe from Gibraltar Software: Our Previewers’ First Impressions

For the past two weeks, Gibraltar Software has made the Loupe Preview available to for everyone to download and try for free.

Loupe Preview is the next generation of Gibraltar Analyst and Hub, and now offers users a brand new web UI through which you can view and interrogate your logging and error management data.

We shared an open invite to our introductory webinar for Loupe, and for those who couldn’t make it, we have made a recording of the webinar available on our YouTube Channel. Why not hop across and have a look?

With Loupe still being in the Preview stage I thought it would interesting to see what some of our early adopters thought. I’ve been collecting feedback from some of our preview users and our webinar attendees. I wanted to find out about their first impressions of Loupe and share them with those of you who haven’t yet taken the plunge.

Here are a selection of some of the comments that I have received.


“Find what I’m looking for faster”

Matt Heidenreich is a senior developer for Pacific Interpreters where they currently use Gibraltar for all of their development, staging, test and production logging requirements.

When we go to the Gibraltar Analyst [the data] can get a bit overwhelming …  But with the introduction of Loupe, we should be able to better narrow down our search and set up views that will give us a better overview of the processes and the errors/information that we see.

Matt Heindenreich, Senior Developer

With the introduction of the web UI with Loupe, Matt and his team gain a time advantage over Desktop Loupe because they can benefit from simpler overviews of high-level information. Better overviews will enable them to hone in on specific issues and narrow down searches. For this reason, Matt is especially interested in being able to use the “ignore” feature when trawling through lists of errors and messages.

Many times I am looking through thousands of log messages at a time trying to hunt down an issue and to be able to ignore large sections of that based on the content is really exciting because it should allow me to find what I am looking for faster.


“That feature alone is worth the price of admission”

Daniel Pigford is a lead developer and offered us some very kind words about the launch of Loupe. Thanks very much for the best wishes, Daniel! Following the webinar, Daniel felt that he had a better grasp of what Loupe could offer in terms of the daily development cycle.

The absolute best feature I saw in the demo […] was the automatic reopen of an issue when a previously fixed issue resurfaces.  In corporate software development this occurs more than I can care to count.  For me, that feature alone is worth the price of admission.

Daniel Pigford, Lead Developer


We’re thrilled with the feedback that we’ve been receiving for Loupe over the past few weeks – both the good stuff and the bugs that our users are finding and reporting. We hope that, as we move into the final stages of the release, we will find more of you to try out Loupe and tell us what you think.

Remember, we’re looking for honest feedback from real previewers. Everyone loves a nice pat on the back, but pats on the back don’t always improve software. If you live for finding obscure and otherwise unnoticed bugs, (well for one, you probably use Gibraltar already!), why not bug hunt your way through the Loupe Preview and tell us what you find?

Take a look and send us your thoughts. Hit the button below and download the Loupe Preview from the website.

Gibraltar Software Loupe Preview Download Button

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