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Philly Code Camp 2010.2 Presentations & Fun

Philly .NET Code Camp

Thanks to everyone for coming to my sessions and the organizers for making the event run so well. The facility was great and it’s really quite remarkable that the community can have such a strong one day training event without having to charge participants. Microsoft was there to help out, but it was clearly a training event for the community not a Microsoft press event, exactly as it should be.

We had fun talking with the other vendors at the show, most notably Component One and the folks from CapTech.  This is the first time we’ve had a vendor booth at an event like this, so in many ways it was a dry run to get the hang of what it’s like.  We gave away a full copy of Gibraltar Analyst as well as a year’s subscription to Hub at the conference, and got to talk with a lot of people about both Gibraltar and VistaDB.  We got some great real world examples of where VistaDB fits, which is  a big help as we work on the marketing for that going forward.

I presented two sessions –

A Year in the Life of an ISV

If you’re thinking about what it’d be like to ditch your corporate development job or consultant gig and strike to create & market your own product (Or you’re a consultancy looking to create a product to diversify) this presentation shows what to expect on the path from shipping your first version to business success.

This one’s always a little risky at a code camp because, well… there’s no code. But, with the incredible diversity of tracks that were available at Philly Code Camp (13 tracks, over 60 sessions…) I think it’s also good to be able to “take a break”. Next time I might go for the last session of the day to maximize the value of that.

Designing APIs for Others

I covered a range of real world lessons about commercial API development emphasizing the differences between in-house & internal development and great, reusable commercial libraries.

I got some great feedback on this talk, particularly on an example that broke my own rule about samples: I tried to over-simplify it and instead created a “not best practice” sample.   I’ll fix that for next time!

If you saw either presentation, please be sure to fill out the conference evaluation and I’d love to hear your feedback – drop it in the comments below or send it to me directly at

If you’d be interested in having us come talk at your code camp, .NET Users Group, or event – please reach out and let us know. We’re always looking for new & better ways to engage with the community.

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