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Philly.NET Code Camp 2011.1 – Presentation Notes and More

The Gibraltar team was there in force for Philly.NET Code Camp 2011.1.  Since it’s right in our backyard we brought more of the team and had a booth set up.  We were just thrilled at how many people stopped by to talk – not just to check out Gibraltar and VistaDB (but that’s always great!) but also to talk about past presentations we’ve done.

Kendall Miller presented a new talk at this Code Camp – Easy Application Scaling with Microsoft AppFabric and AOP.  You can read the slides below as well as download the source code for the demos.  This is an extended version of the webinar we did a few months ago, with a lot more code samples.

The key idea is that AppFabric cache creates a number of opportunities for high performance, highly scalable applications but you’ll want to do some up-front work to make it easy to use in your application.  The code samples walk through how to do it all by hand, then show how to use PostSharp to inject the code at compile time and make it a whole lot easier.  You can Download the Code to see for yourself

Philly .NET was very well run as usual – all the food set up and ready to go, good places to network, lots of tracks and sessions to attend.  This year they also added an open spaces area for folks to hotly debate common challenges in a semi-moderated forum.  It was a fun place to sit and listen to the passionate, divergent opinions on the range of software construction topics. Of course we were happy to see our friends from DevExpress there as well as the rest of the community.

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