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Northern Virginia Code Camp (NoVA) Presentation

I had a great time talking about what it takes to suceed at creating your own software product company at the Northern Virginia Code Camp over the weekend.  You can see the presentation slides below.  The code camp was well run with good food and a nice facility provided by Microsoft.  High quality pizza made a great lunch.

I was presenting during lunch opposite a panel discussion on software craftsmanship so the attendance wasn’t as good as in some other code camps (usually it’s standing room only!) but there was more than enough for a good discussion.

The key takeaway from the presentation is that you have to understand the market you’re diving into and why you’re the right group of people to create a good solution for that market before you get hung up on any particular idea being worth building a company around. In many ways that’s the difference between making a company and having a hobby.

My friends at DevExpress were kind enough to give me two licenses to CodeRush to give away to aspiring entrepreneurs. Judging by how hard people worked to answer the questions to get the licenses you definitely should check it out!

If you have a users group or just about any group of technology professionals and want to hear about what it takes to create a successful software product company, drop me a line and I may be able to come speak at your event too!

One thought on “Northern Virginia Code Camp (NoVA) Presentation

  1. Hi Kendall,

    Great to see you out at more events and sharing your wisdom.

    On behalf of DevExpress, it’s a pleasure to help you in your quest to help the community.

    Roll on January 2011! 😀
    Community Bod – DevExpress

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