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Why Your .NET Software Team Needs Loupe

Loupe records and sends error and usage information to your support staff and provides powerful, yet simple analysis and visualization tools so you can triage customer issues faster, better optimize development priorities and continuously improve software quality.

Loupe delivers bottom line results:

  • Increased team effectiveness at lower cost
  • Loyal customers delighted with your rock solid software

Take a closer look at Loupe

If you don’t find the details you’re looking for in the list below, try our online documentation or contact us with your question.

  • Customer Experience Improvement Program (CEIP) – Loupe collects and analyzes the error, usage and configuration details you need to implement a customer experience improvement program for your products.
  • Monitor ASP.NET Web Sites Easily with Gibraltar – Loupe makes it easy to monitor what’s happening inside your ASP.NET Web Site in a way that can’t be seen from the outside by Google Analytics or log file analyzers.
  • Performance Monitoring – Capture Windows Performance Metrics and your own custom metrics to know for sure how your application performs.
  • Remote Application Debugging with Gibraltar – Loupe Collects the data as it happens where your application runs and gets it to you wherever you are so you can solve problems fast.
  • Features – Scan a quick reference list of features Loupe provides
  • Data Collected – Scan a quick reference list of data elements collected and analyzed by Loupe
  • Error and Exception Reporting– The Agent creates a great user experience for WinForms applications while helping get you the details you need to resolve issues quickly.

Logging Data with Loupe

In addition to its own built-in logging system, Loupe was designed to fully embrace a range of third party logging solutions. You can easily integrate it with your own in-house solution, or use one of a number of other options:

  • .NET Logging – Instrument your application however you prefer – use Loupe’s API, .NET’s Trace infrastructure, or a third-party logging framework such as Log4Net.
  • Collecting and Managing Log4Net Data – Loupe makes it easy to collect and manage data from Log4Net and other logging systems.
  • View and Analyze Log4Net Data – Loupe is a powerful way to view and analyze data from Log4Net and other logging systems.

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