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Loupe 3.7.0 Released!

Continuing our trend of adding features for scale up & out scenarios with Loupe we’ve just released Loupe 3.7 with new features to help you get more out of Loupe: Active Directory Integration: Use AD for user authentication and user provisioning. Connect to Multiple Servers: A single Loupe Desktop can connect to many different Loupe Servers…


How Loupe Helps with 911 Calls

By Shannon McCoy, President of Greenrooms Technologies, LLC Argh…. I have the model architected, I have the proof of concept built and working, and I am ready to deep dive and make this thing a reality. But once again here I am at the same crossroads: “how the hell I am going to log what…


My Summer Internship

Hi! My name is Dylan Dubeau and this past summer, I had a great time interning with Gibraltar Software. I even got to work with the founder of the company, Jay Cincotta. Since I’m only going into my junior year at Glenelg High School, this experience was absolutely amazing. In the past few years, I have…