Loupe 3.8 Wireframe Sample

Developing Loupe 4 – Details on what’s coming and why

Loupe 4.0 development is well underway – read up on what’s coming including new customer support views, integration options with third parties, and more! This is the first in a series of articles on 4.0 as we go backstage to offer a transparent picture of what’s coming and why. Interested in making sure we hit the points you want? See what’s already planned and have your say!


Should I Make a Log Wrapper Class?

Should you create your own abstraction to sit between your code and a logging system or use one directly? What if you’re creating a library for other users and don’t want to restrict their choice of logging system? We’ve got some guidance from over five years of working with customers creating great logging and application diagnostics, and the answers may surprise you.