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Gibraltar 3.0 Released

Gibraltar Analyst

We’re thrilled to announce the release of Gibraltar 3.0! It’s been three betas and a release candidate, along with a number of private betas but finally we’re ready to release the hounds.  You can jump strait in and download it now, or read on for what’s new in 3.0.

What’s new since Gibraltar 2.5? A lot:

  • Super Sized Session Handling: Edge to edge we’ve focused on long running processes, really large log files, and all the implications of this.
  • Real-time Log Viewing: You can see what’s happening within Windows services & web sites in real time, faster than anything else on the market!
  • Hub Support for SQL Server: You can store index data for the Hub in SQL Server for better scalability and reporting options.
  • Dramatically Smaller Files: We’ve deeply dug into our log file compression and found ways to reduce files by 70%.
  • Analyze Session Summaries: The built-in pivot table and chart in Analyst can slice & dice session summary information to spot all kinds of trends across all of your data.
  • Categorize Sessions by Environment and Promotion Level: Go beyond Product & Application to separate data based on where it was run or the status of the release.
  • Hub Synchronization Options: Save hard disk space on your workstation by downloading sessions on demand.
  • NuGet Packages: You’ll find all of the various agents for Gibraltar are now available on NuGet, and it’s a great way to stay current.  Any package published under “Gibraltar Software” is official and supported.
  • Mono Support: You can now use the Gibraltar Agent with recent versions of Mono.
  • 64-bit Analyst: Analyst can now take advantage of all of the memory you can find.  We’ve made a number of changes to reduce how much it uses just the same.

That’s the highlights, but there are a hundred changes in the detail.  The big thing they add up to is we’ve aggressively tackled issues that prevented data from getting from Agent to Analyst.  We’ve combed through our CEIP data to make sure we could deliver on the promise that it all Just Works.

You can read about more of the details in What’s New – Gibraltar 3.0 (from our documentation).

Upgrade Options

If you have active maintenance on your Gibraltar licenses then you’re free and clear, just download it and go.  Since it’s a major release it’ll activate, so you’ll want to install it when you’ve got Internet access.

If you don’t have active maintenance, contact us for the right upgrade pricing.  Depending on when your maintenance expired you’ll need to purchase the right version upgrade and then you can re-enroll in our upgrade assurance program to get the next 12 months of updates for free.  You’ll want that, because we have a lot up our sleeve!

What’s Next?

We’ve bee eagerly waiting to ship 3.0 so we could dig into the next development cycle.   We expect to ship Gibraltar 3.5 later this year and another update in the winter.  Each of these will build on Gibraltar 3.0 and are designed to help you get a lot more from the data you’re already collecting.  So, it’s a great time to upgrade to 3.0!

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