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Loupe and VistaDB releases with improved Windows 10 support and more

New versions of Loupe and VistaDB are now available that fix a few defects found since the last release of each product.  The most notable issue is a problem that affected every UI we build on Windows 10 where some computers had duplicate font families, causing our font-selection code to fail.  For VistaDB this only affected our tools, not the VistaDB engine itself.  For Loupe this affected the UI elements displayed by the Loupe Agent in WinForms and WPF processes as well as the Packager.  All of the fixed Loupe Agents have been published to NuGet – look for version 3.7.4 or later.

For VistaDB the most important fix is a problem that was introduced in VistaDB 5.1 that affected schema queries.  This in turn broke the Entity Framework 6 Database-first designer when an update to it was shipped as part of VS 2013 Update 5.

For full details, check out the release notes:

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