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Loupe for the Web: Separating Signal from Noise

We all know it’s hard to separate the signal from the noise sometimes. This is especially so for dev leads during development. I mean, there’s so many exceptions thrown because the execution paths are not yet complete, that it’s hard to spot the real problems amongst the exceptions that will resolve themselves when the code becomes more mature. Luckily, Loupe is here to help you.

Firstly, jump into Loupe and check out your latest exceptions:


This list can be sorted by Caption, First and Last Occurrences, Endpoint, Username, Version and Occurrences.

From this list we can see that there are a number of exceptions thrown around backups. Our dev lead knows they are due to the fact that this feature isn’t complete yet and so he can ignore those.

Also, he spots a couple of network connectivity exceptions too. Drilling into these errors, our dev lead sees that they are nothing more significant than transient network errors on the dev network and so he can ignore those too, coming back to them in the future if the problem persists or gets worse:


That leaves him looking at the database exception; now that does sound like a problem to our dev lead, and so he raises an issue and assigns it to one of the devs to fix:


And that is how Loupe will help you, as a dev lead, separate signal from noise when it comes to exceptions in your dev environment.

That’s it for this post, until next time, happy coding! Smile

Download the Loupe Preview

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