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Loupe for the Web: the Support Story

It’s easy to see where you can get value from Loupe if you are a developer or a developer lead, but if you work in support, is there anything for you? Yeah, of course there is! Smile

So let’s say you’re you’re working a support desk and you get a call. “Hey”, the customers says, “I’ve got this timeout issue, what should I do?”

A “timeout issue” well that’s not a whole lot to go on, but Loupe is a product for all the team, so you can log on and search for “timeout” using the search facility and see if anyone else in the team is dealing with such an issue:


From the results we can see that there are a number of Log Events matching that search term.


Drilling into them, we can see lots of useful details that we can discuss with the customer on the call to ascertain that this is in fact the issue he is having?


Once we’ve confirmed that this is the event, we can also see that there is a resolved issue pertaining to this event:


Drilling into the issue we can see what version the issue is fixed in and you can pass that onto the caller:


Not only that though, we can also see that there is a workaround that we can give the caller until such times as his enterprise upgrades to the fixed version:


And that’s it. Someone calls you up with a vague error message and not only do you give them a fix for it but you can also give them a workaround until they get that fix. Now that is the power of Loupe.

That’s it for this blog post, ‘til next time, happy coding! Smile

Download the Loupe Preview

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