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Last Saturday (May 26th) saw me speaking at one of my favourite conferences of the year. DDD South West. What makes it such a good conference? Well, it’s not just the superb range of great speakers covering a lot of interesting technology, it’s the fact that it’s located in the lovely south west of England, on the campus of the University of West England, and the organisers always seem to pick the first really good weekend, weather wise, to hold the event and so, it’s become the sign post conference for the summer, a very welcomed sight! Couple that with the amazing food that is always laid on, including cream teas, and what more could you possibly want?

This year I was speaking on the topic of .Net Collections, covering performance gains that can be made by selecting the correct collection and then using that collection in the most appropriate ways. The main takeaways of my talk were:

List<T> is a good general purpose collection
    Construct to size if possible
    Construct to upper threshold then trim
    Prefer AddRange() over Add()
    Be aware of “Quicksort Killers”
Use LinkedList if you need fast insert/remove
Use Dictionary if you need fast lookup
Use Lookup if you need multi value dictionary
Use concurrent collections for thread safety

Other attendees have posted their own thoughts on the conference:

So if you are looking for a great conference, in beautiful surroundings, with lovely weather, bringing you great technology and cream teas, don’t forget to sign up for next year’s conference.

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