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Heading to DDDNorth, Are You?

Hi guys, just to let you know I’ll be heading to DDDNorth this Saturday (October 13). If you are going to be there then please feel free to speak to me about all things Analyst, VistaDB and Socialyse, not to mention logging, social network analysis and computational linguistics in general.

On Saturday, I’ll be speaking about the Raspberry Pi credit card sized computer. In the session I’ll show you everything you need to know to load your favourite Pi distro onto an SD card and get the Pi up and running, as well has how to connect to it from your development machine – because that’s where all your favourite dev tools already live, right?

Then I’ll go on to show you how to build a cool Internet radio application using C# and VistaDB.

There are lot’s of other cool speakers presenting too. The highlights for me are:

  1. Mike Taulty on Windows 8 Apps
  2. Liam Westley on Async C# 5.0 Patterns for Real World Use
  3. Matt Lacey on Introduction to Windows Phone 8
  4. Ian Cooper on Event Driven Architectures

If none of those grab your fancy then there are plenty more to choose from.

See you there! And remember, if you’re going, come and say hello. I don’t bite (hard). Smile

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