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Spring 2011 UK Trip Roundup

DDD Scotland

It was a real pleasure to be selected to speak at a UK community event through the votes of the community.  The event was well run, and as is the tradition in the UK was sold out with a waiting list.  If you’re in the UK (or can easily get there) you really should check out the community events up there – see the DeveloperDeveloperDeveloper site for the scoop on what’s coming up.

There were a number of great sessions – you can see slides and follow up from several of them online.

I’m thrilled at the feedback I got (which you can read here).  I was worried many of my examples and illustrations in my session wouldn’t work in the UK but it seems to have done well enough.

I really felt the missing 10 minutes compared to a typical Code Camp presentation in the United States; you could tell I was just short on time.

User Group Presentations

Outside of the large DeveloperDeveloperDeveloper event I was honored to be invited to present at several user groups:

Each of these groups (independently, spooky..) selected a new presentation I’ve been working up entitled the Natural Laws of Software Performance.  The big change for this round of presentations was the addition of  a number of code samples.

The code samples were both great and problematic.  What I didn’t realize was how incredibly sensitive they were to how Visual Studio was being used and the state of my laptop.  For example, if the laptop was on battery I got one set of numbers, A/C with the big brick adapter got me another and if I was using my slim travel adapter, well..  just awful results.  That’s what I get for building the demo on my desktop workstation.  Additionally, for the folks at DotNetDevNet and NEBytes, a bug in the demo caused it to report too-good-to-be-true results for later tests.  That’s addressed now, sorry for the confusion.

I was genuinely impressed with the user groups – everyone was fabulously welcoming which made the whole experience much easier.  Each group had a different feel, which made it all the better.  If you have a change to make a trip to the UK, don’t just hang around London – there’s some great variety and nice people all over the country.

If you’re near any of the groups above I’d encourage you to check them out.  Some are free, some charge a nominal membership fee, but they’re a great way to connect with professionals doing real things with technology.

Finally, it as great to meet up with some of our customers along the way.  I know some of you drove quite a distance to make it to an event or made time in your schedules when I was in town and I really appreciate it.  We’ll be incorporating your input into our product roadmaps to ensure we’re always getting better at the things that matter to you.

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