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I had the good fortune to be invited to chat with Scott Hanselman about what it’s like to create a software company as part of his ongoing series on startups.  In a quick 30 minutes we talked through anumber of the angles of what it’s like to go all in on a startup.  It was great to hear that even Microsoft, with all of their resources, has many of the same problems we do just at a much larger scale.

I’m going to be doing an extended version of a talk on the same subject at the New York City Code Camp next weekend called Creating Your Own Software Company: A Survival Guide.  Come on out and you can hear that session, grill me at length afterwards, and hear four even better speakers all in one day.  Code Camps are the best kept secret in software development today; if you aren’t hunting them out in your area you’re missing a great opportunity…

Later in October I’m on a pretty intense two week tour – starting in Philadelphia and ending in Coventry, UK.  You can see the full list for an event near you on our events page.

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Spring 2011 UK Trip Roundup

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DDD Scotland

It was a real pleasure to be selected to speak at a UK community event through the votes of the community.  The event was well run, and as is the tradition in the UK was sold out with a waiting list.  If you’re in the UK (or can easily get there) you really should check out the community events up there – see the DeveloperDeveloperDeveloper site for the scoop on what’s coming up.

There were a number of great sessions – you can see slides and follow up from several of them online.

I’m thrilled at the feedback I got (which you can read here).  I was worried many of my examples and illustrations in my session wouldn’t work in the UK but it seems to have done well enough.

I really felt the missing 10 minutes compared to a typical Code Camp presentation in the United States; you could tell I was just short on time.

User Group Presentations

Outside of the large DeveloperDeveloperDeveloper event I was honored to be invited to present at several user groups:

Each of these groups (independently, spooky..) selected a new presentation I’ve been working up entitled the Natural Laws of Software Performance.  The big change for this round of presentations was the addition of  a number of code samples.

The code samples were both great and problematic.  What I didn’t realize was how incredibly sensitive they were to how Visual Studio was being used and the state of my laptop.  For example, if the laptop was on battery I got one set of numbers, A/C with the big brick adapter got me another and if I was using my slim travel adapter, well..  just awful results.  That’s what I get for building the demo on my desktop workstation.  Additionally, for the folks at DotNetDevNet and NEBytes, a bug in the demo caused it to report too-good-to-be-true results for later tests.  That’s addressed now, sorry for the confusion.

I was genuinely impressed with the user groups – everyone was fabulously welcoming which made the whole experience much easier.  Each group had a different feel, which made it all the better.  If you have a change to make a trip to the UK, don’t just hang around London – there’s some great variety and nice people all over the country.

If you’re near any of the groups above I’d encourage you to check them out.  Some are free, some charge a nominal membership fee, but they’re a great way to connect with professionals doing real things with technology.

Finally, it as great to meet up with some of our customers along the way.  I know some of you drove quite a distance to make it to an event or made time in your schedules when I was in town and I really appreciate it.  We’ll be incorporating your input into our product roadmaps to ensure we’re always getting better at the things that matter to you.

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The Gibraltar team was there in force for Philly.NET Code Camp 2011.1.  Since it’s right in our backyard we brought more of the team and had a booth set up.  We were just thrilled at how many people stopped by to talk – not just to check out Gibraltar and VistaDB (but that’s always great!) but also to talk about past presentations we’ve done.

Kendall Miller presented a new talk at this Code Camp – Easy Application Scaling with Microsoft AppFabric and AOP.  You can read the slides below as well as download the source code for the demos.  This is an extended version of the webinar we did a few months ago, with a lot more code samples.

The key idea is that AppFabric cache creates a number of opportunities for high performance, highly scalable applications but you’ll want to do some up-front work to make it easy to use in your application.  The code samples walk through how to do it all by hand, then show how to use PostSharp to inject the code at compile time and make it a whole lot easier.  You can Download the Code to see for yourself

Philly .NET was very well run as usual – all the food set up and ready to go, good places to network, lots of tracks and sessions to attend.  This year they also added an open spaces area for folks to hotly debate common challenges in a semi-moderated forum.  It was a fun place to sit and listen to the passionate, divergent opinions on the range of software construction topics. Of course we were happy to see our friends from DevExpress there as well as the rest of the community.

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We’re bringing the gang to Philly.NET Code Camp.  You can not only catch up with us in the common area but also attend a live version of my talk on Easy Scaling with AppFabric Cache and AOP.  It’s basically a live, extended version of the webinar we did on the same topic with a lot more detail on how it all works, what you can do to extend it, and why it rocks.

So come out and see us April 9th – who knows, you might even win something useful!

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