Event Authentication Failed

The Loupe Service’s Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

After deploying Loupe 4.0.1 it took us 30 hours to identify and fix a problem that prevented Loupe Desktop from connecting to our Service. Why did we miss such a big problem? Read up on what happened, the five whys behind it, and what we’re looking at to avoid problems like this in the future.

Find the logs involving a particular user

Find Logs By User

A common support activity is reviewing the logs related to a particular user at the time they encountered difficulties. You can easily do this in Loupe for apps that are run directly by the user (client applications like most WinForms and WPF applications) but what about cases where user identity changes over the course of the…


Should I Make a Log Wrapper Class?

Should you create your own abstraction to sit between your code and a logging system or use one directly? What if you’re creating a library for other users and don’t want to restrict their choice of logging system? We’ve got some guidance from over five years of working with customers creating great logging and application diagnostics, and the answers may surprise you.


View Massive Logs, New in Loupe 3.6

This is the first in a series of posts on new features in Loupe 3.6 Victims of our own Success It happens time and again – work hard to address scalability or performance in one aspect and it’ll show up in another part of the system.  With Loupe 3.0 we made it dramatically easier for…


No-Install-Necessary Rapid Loupe Implementation

Solve thorny development problems with Loupe today, no installation required! See how you can go from development through deployment without setting up your own server or installing a single piece of software.

Indispensable Error Management

See Loupe In Action!

Hey, if you missed Kendall’s live webinar last week, we have you covered.  Check out this recording showing how Loupe streamlines error detection, notification, analysis and resolution workflow. On the odd chance that you ever fall short of writing 100% bug-free software, you may come to consider Loupe an indispensable tool for all your .NET projects. Why…


View Logs Remotely in Real Time with Gibraltar

Behind door #20 of our Advent Calendar is a feature that makes all of your logging more valuable – Live Sessions. Many features of Gibraltar are designed to handle situations where you have hundreds, thousands.. even hundreds of thousands of instances of your application running out in the wild you need to get data from. …