Loupe and VistaDB releases with improved Windows 10 support and more

New versions of Loupe and VistaDB are now available that fix a few defects found since the last release of each product.  The most notable issue is a problem that affected every UI we build on Windows 10 where some computers had duplicate font families, causing our font-selection code to fail.  For VistaDB this only…

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Loupe 3.8? Nope, we’re going for 4.0!

Did we say Loupe 3.8? Nope, it’s going to be 4.0 because it’s just packed with new features. We’re confident you’ll find 4.0 is a big jump in how much value your team gets from Loupe and will be worth the wait.

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Loupe 4.0 Beta 1- Expansive new Web UI, better Desktop and Server integration

We’ve published the first beta of Loupe 4.0.  We’ve been using it internally for several months and it’s really changed how we use Loupe.  If you’re using our Loupe Service you’ll need to wait until it’s released but if you have your own private Loupe Server you can get a jump on everyone by updating to…

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Loupe 3.7.3 Maintenance Release Now Available

We’ve just published a new update to Loupe with a number of defect fixes and optimizations.  The Loupe SaaS platform has already been upgraded to this release, but Loupe Desktop and on-premises Loupe Servers should upgrade at their next convenient opportunity.  This is a free upgrade for all Loupe Desktop users and for any Loupe…


Developing Loupe 4 – New Server Extension API for System Integration

If you look back at our plans for version 4 you’ll notice that rich defect tracking integration is one of our “must do” items.  We’ve had defect tracking integration for years – it predates Loupe Server.  And therein is the problem:  The extensibility API that it relies on was limited to the features available in Loupe…

Find the logs involving a particular user

Find Logs By User

A common support activity is reviewing the logs related to a particular user at the time they encountered difficulties. You can easily do this in Loupe for apps that are run directly by the user (client applications like most WinForms and WPF applications) but what about cases where user identity changes over the course of the…


More Loupe is Now Open Source

As part of Loupe 3.8 development we’ve published all of the extension libraries for the Loupe Agent and others as open source to GitHub. From here forward we’ll be developing those with you, the community, in public. Everything has the same support as always by us, so it’s the best of both worlds!


Developing Loupe 4 – Web UI Architecture and Technology

The first in a series of articles about the development of Loupe – part of our new Backstage Pass series showing you what’s going on with development as it happens. This article focuses on the architecture and technology of the Loupe Server web application, examining the current state of play, how we got there, and what the future holds for us.

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Loupe Development Backstage Pass – Wireframes for 4

The first round of wireframes from Loupe 3.7 Development – part of our new Backstage Pass series showing you what’s going on with development as it happens, and in time for your feedback to make a difference! See what we’re doing to enable key user support scenarios with Loupe 3.8 with the new computer and session views.