The Heartbleed Vulnerability and Loupe

After reviewing our internal systems and applications we’ve confirmed that all Gibraltar Software applications & services are not subject to the recently reported Heartbleed vulnerability.

Loupe Server VM Configuration

Installing Loupe Server on Azure

Want your own Loupe Server but don’t want to use your own data center resources? You can easily set it up in Microsoft Azure, now fully supported!


Loupe 3.5.6 Maintenance Release Now Available

We’ve just released Loupe 3.5.6 – a maintenance release to Loupe 3.5. This includes a rollup of some hotfixes provided to affected customers and other items discovered in our internal testing. We’ve already updated the Loupe Service to this release and now it’s available for you to download and take advantage of.


Loupe 3.5.4 Released with Agent Changes

Loupe 3.5.4 includes several enhancements and defect fixes but also includes some behavior changes to the Loupe Agent. Read up on what’s new to be sure you can take advantage of the new capabilities to get more out of Loupe for less work


Loupe 3.5.3 Now Available

We’ve just posted the latest release of Loupe – version 3.5.3.  This is a defect fix rollup for Loupe 3.5 focused on Loupe Desktop.  If you’re already running Loupe 3.5.2 on your server there’s no need to upgrade the server to 3.5.3. If you’re using Loupe Desktop we highly encourage you to upgrade to this…


Loupe 3.5.1 Now Available

We’ve just shipped the latest release of Loupe – version 3.5.1.  For the most part this is a defect fix rollup for Loupe 3.5 with a number of detailed tweaks, performance improvements, and functional fixes.  But, we’ve also got a few new items in the mix: Loupe Viewer:  The single-file LoupeViewer.exe is now available in…


Loupe Agent for Entity Framework (Beta)

The team working on Entity Framework 6 has made our job a whole lot easier with the latest EF 6 Beta – thanks to the new built-in logging interception capabilities.  We’ve published both to NuGet and to GitHub our newest Agent which you can add to your EF projects to get a wealth of diagnostic…


No-Install-Necessary Rapid Loupe Implementation

Solve thorny development problems with Loupe today, no installation required! See how you can go from development through deployment without setting up your own server or installing a single piece of software.

Indispensable Error Management

See Loupe In Action!

Hey, if you missed Kendall’s live webinar last week, we have you covered.  Check out this recording showing how Loupe streamlines error detection, notification, analysis and resolution workflow. On the odd chance that you ever fall short of writing 100% bug-free software, you may come to consider Loupe an indispensable tool for all your .NET projects. Why…