Slack Notification Example

Use Loupe with Slack for Real-time Error Notification

Team chat is more than just shifting communication out of point-to-point forms like email and Skype – it’s enabling everyone to be more informed without more interruptions. It’s no surprise then that flowing events from Loupe to team chat is our number one customer feature request.

We’ve integrated Loupe with Slack and the results speak for themselves: Whether you use our Loupe service or your own private server you can route the key events you care about into your team Slack for a great real-time experience.


Hub: Email Notifications

Good morning everyone, and it’s time to open door number 8 on our Gibraltar Advent Calendar! In this post I want to talk to you about email notifications from Hub. To receive these, the first thing you have to do is to configure Hub to send them. This is really a two part process. Part…


Gibraltar 3.0 RC – Ready to Rock

Gibraltar 3.0 RC1 is now available, representing the feature-complete build of Gibraltar 3.0 that’s benefited from extensive beta usage. It’s compatible with the Gibraltar Hub Service and includes several enhancements compared to the last beta build.

Notification Rule Editor

Gibraltar 2.5 New Feature Dive – Email Notification

With Gibraltar 2.5 you can receive text or HTML-formatted messages when important events are reported. The messages are pretty and we’ve worked hard to make sure you won’t get flooded when something goes wrong in an app you monitor. They’re easy to configure and are generated automatically on the Server so no one need be logged in.