Loupe Merge Issues

Loupe 4.0.2 Released with Improved Issue Management, Excel Export and More

We’ve updated Loupe 4 with key improvements to managing issues, a slew of performance upgrades, and our first built-in Excel export in the web UI.  If you’re a Loupe SaaS customer you’re already running 4.0.2 (just upgrade your Windows client) and if you run your own server you can download the latest here. Enhanced Issue…

VistaDB 5.1 Performance Analysis

VistaDB 5.1 Released with Big Performance Improvements

We’ve published a new release of VistaDB with our biggest performance improvements ever!  We set out a year ago to make a big improvement in the optimizer for VistaDB and ended up not just doing that but also dramatically improving the speed of the underlying storage engine! You can download this latest version immediately, or…

SQL Server Network Volume

Loupe 3.7.3 Maintenance Release Now Available

We’ve just published a new update to Loupe with a number of defect fixes and optimizations.  The Loupe SaaS platform has already been upgraded to this release, but Loupe Desktop and on-premises Loupe Servers should upgrade at their next convenient opportunity.  This is a free upgrade for all Loupe Desktop users and for any Loupe…


Using Gibraltar for Simple ASP.NET MVC Performance Monitoring

Behind door 7, we’re looking at performance monitoring and how you can easily use to Gibraltar to help track your application performance. If your customers complain to you about your website being slow, your first question needs to be “Define slow”.  It means different things to different people and in website terms it can cover…

Download VistaDB 4.3

VistaDB 4.3 Performance Optimization

Our biggest VistaDB update yet provides a significant performance boost in a number of common query scenarios while improving compatibility with SQL Server and broader support for SQL commands.


.NET String Theory

By implementing a single instance string store, the Gibraltar Agent and Analyst leverage the fact that most logging data is repetitive to reduce the memory needed to view lots of data.


Instinctive Performance Optimization Wastes Time

Use empirical methods to determine what the hot spots are in your software that needs performance tuning, typically with code profilers. But, validate with end users that you’ve really improved their perceived performance of your application.


The fastest code never needs writing

Modern programming environments (.NET and Java) include extensive common functionality, but the requirement to make them generic, reusable, and safe makes them slower than a minimalistic, purpose built equivalent tailor made to your situation.


Son, you have a different problem.

If you can’t cleanly add logging, metrics, and other application monitoring to your application’s architecture, this indicates a deeper problem with how your application is designed.