Sessions 3 – Find – Filter – Advanced

Loupe Development Backstage Pass – Wireframes for 4

The first round of wireframes from Loupe 3.7 Development – part of our new Backstage Pass series showing you what’s going on with development as it happens, and in time for your feedback to make a difference! See what we’re doing to enable key user support scenarios with Loupe 3.8 with the new computer and session views.

Loupe 3.8 Wireframe Sample

Developing Loupe 4 – Details on what’s coming and why

Loupe 4.0 development is well underway – read up on what’s coming including new customer support views, integration options with third parties, and more! This is the first in a series of articles on 4.0 as we go backstage to offer a transparent picture of what’s coming and why. Interested in making sure we hit the points you want? See what’s already planned and have your say!


Loupe from Gibraltar Software: Our Previewers’ First Impressions

For the past two weeks, Gibraltar Software has made the Loupe Preview available to for everyone to download and try for free. Loupe Preview is the next generation of Gibraltar Analyst and Hub, and now offers users a brand new web UI through which you can view and interrogate your logging and error management data.…


Loupe Preview: Build 2 Now Available

Your involvement in the feedback cycle for our Loupe Preview is invaluable. The preview process helps us to find real-world problems and have them fixed before the full release makes its way into the wild. As you may already know, we use our Gibraltar tools in order to monitor Gibraltar tools. It’s like dog-fooding, well,…