VistaDB 5.0.5 Released

We’ve shipped VistaDB 5.0.5 – a rollup of defects reported in the last few months.  Most of the issues were related to ASP.NET usage of VistaDB 5 but there’s also a query fix in there and a change in how Pack works to use less memory.  Packs may take longer in some cases where systems…

Loupe Login

Loupe 3.7.0 Released!

Continuing our trend of adding features for scale up & out scenarios with Loupe we’ve just released Loupe 3.7 with new features to help you get more out of Loupe: Active Directory Integration: Use AD for user authentication and user provisioning. Connect to Multiple Servers: A single Loupe Desktop can connect to many different Loupe Servers…

Loupe Desktop – Log Message Search

Loupe 3.6.1 Released!

The latest release of Loupe adds desktop log message search improvements, Enterprise Live Session and new Administration features for simplifying multi-server Enterprise deployments


VistaDB 5.0.4 Now Available

VistaDB 5.0.4 is now available with fixes for reported issues. This update is particularly useful for Entity Framework and Mono scenarios.


Scale Out with Enterprise Edition, New in Loupe 3.6

Loupe Server is now available in Enterprise edition with support for scale out clustering, terabytes of data through storage pools, and strict data isolation. You can use the same software proven in our SaaS platform to handle terabytes of data every day in your company!


Loupe 3.6 Released!

Loupe 3.6 is now available with new features for managing errors at every level of the development process, viewing logs of any size, and a number of user-driven usability enhancements.


View Massive Logs, New in Loupe 3.6

This is the first in a series of posts on new features in Loupe 3.6 Victims of our own Success It happens time and again – work hard to address scalability or performance in one aspect and it’ll show up in another part of the system.  With Loupe 3.0 we made it dramatically easier for…


Loupe 3.5.6 Maintenance Release Now Available

We’ve just released Loupe 3.5.6 – a maintenance release to Loupe 3.5. This includes a rollup of some hotfixes provided to affected customers and other items discovered in our internal testing. We’ve already updated the Loupe Service to this release and now it’s available for you to download and take advantage of.


VistaDB 5.0 Released!

After over 18 months of continuous development VistaDB 5.0 has been released! We’ve met our goals for functionality and performance enhancements, passed a battalion of tests, and run four distinct betas all to ensure that this is not just the best release of VistaDB yet but the best embedded database on the market today.  Over…


VistaDB 5 Release Candidate is Now Available!

We’ve reached the last milestone before the release of VistaDB 5 – The Release Candidate version has been posted for download. Befitting the designation “release candidate”, this build is feature complete, delivering on the commitments we made for 5.0 and a few items that have come up along the way.


Loupe 3.5.3 Now Available

We’ve just posted the latest release of Loupe – version 3.5.3.  This is a defect fix rollup for Loupe 3.5 focused on Loupe Desktop.  If you’re already running Loupe 3.5.2 on your server there’s no need to upgrade the server to 3.5.3. If you’re using Loupe Desktop we highly encourage you to upgrade to this…