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Gibraltar 2.5 New Feature Dive – Email Notification

With Gibraltar 2.5 you can receive text or HTML-formatted messages when important events are reported. The messages are pretty and we’ve worked hard to make sure you won’t get flooded when something goes wrong in an app you monitor. They’re easy to configure and are generated automatically on the Server so no one need be logged in.

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Gibraltar 2.5 – Integration, Notifications, Visual Studio 2010 and More

Defect tracking integration, email notifications, powerful extensibility API, and full Visual Studio 2010/.NET 4.0 support are just some of the new and enhanced features in Gibraltar 2.5. We’ve extended the scalability of Gibraltar in each dimension and improved the performance of Hub to make sure it can handle your toughest scenarios.


Reworking the Gibraltar AddIn API

When creating an API, plan on the first design not panning out, no matter how much you do. Based on feedback from the beta we’ve rehauled the way the Gibraltar Add In API works so you can create slick integration between Gibraltar and third party systems like defect tracking, data warehouses, and customer service platforms. We’ve taken care of the plumbing so you can focus on adding the cool.


What’s Next – the Road to Gibraltar 3.0

One last update to Gibraltar 2 We’ve done several functional releases this year and we’re going to do one more minor one before we close the books on 2.x. ┬áThis last update is going to include some memory usage optimizations, reliability tweeks, and the first version of the Gibraltar Add In API. Memory and Reliability…


Gibraltar 2.1.1 Released

New metric charting features dramatically improve flexibility and scalability of metric analysis. The Agent includes new notification capabilities to send real time alerts when errors happen and more performance counters for troubleshooting memory management problems. Also included are scalability improvements and other reliability and performance enhancements, all described in the release notes.


Upcoming Gibraltar Release

What’s up and coming in the next update to Gibraltar? Plenty – new features, defect fixes, and one big surprise!