Loupe and VistaDB releases with improved Windows 10 support and more

New versions of Loupe and VistaDB are now available that fix a few defects found since the last release of each product.  The most notable issue is a problem that affected every UI we build on Windows 10 where some computers had duplicate font families, causing our font-selection code to fail.  For VistaDB this only…

VistaDB 5.1 Performance Analysis

VistaDB 5.1 Released with Big Performance Improvements

We’ve published a new release of VistaDB with our biggest performance improvements ever!  We set out a year ago to make a big improvement in the optimizer for VistaDB and ended up not just doing that but also dramatically improving the speed of the underlying storage engine! You can download this latest version immediately, or…


VistaDB 5.0.5 Released

We’ve shipped VistaDB 5.0.5 – a rollup of defects reported in the last few months.  Most of the issues were related to ASP.NET usage of VistaDB 5 but there’s also a query fix in there and a change in how Pack works to use less memory.  Packs may take longer in some cases where systems…


VistaDB 5.0.4 Now Available

VistaDB 5.0.4 is now available with fixes for reported issues. This update is particularly useful for Entity Framework and Mono scenarios.

Loupe Support Header

Get answers faster with our new Support Site

We’ve taken the wraps off our new central knowledgebase, forums, and support ticket system designed to get you the answers you need as fast as possible. Come check out the new Support.GibraltarSoftware.Com!


VistaDB 5.0 Released!

After over 18 months of continuous development VistaDB 5.0 has been released! We’ve met our goals for functionality and performance enhancements, passed a battalion of tests, and run four distinct betas all to ensure that this is not just the best release of VistaDB yet but the best embedded database on the market today.  Over…


VistaDB 5 Release Candidate is Now Available!

We’ve reached the last milestone before the release of VistaDB 5 – The Release Candidate version has been posted for download. Befitting the designation “release candidate”, this build is feature complete, delivering on the commitments we made for 5.0 and a few items that have come up along the way.