Getting Ready for VistaDB 5: Compatibility Changes

As with any major release of a product there are a few changes to how VistaDB works with other components.  Many things are not changing; our goal was to ensure that if you were using VistaDB 4, you could upgrade to VistaDB5 with a minimum of fuss.  In particular: .NET 2.0 SP1 and Later Supported:…


VistaDB 5 Preview 3 Now Ready to Rock

VistaDB 5.0 Preview 3 is here with more query performance improvements. It’s file-compatible with VistaDB 4 so this the build to try out with your existing applications to be sure you’re ready for 5.0 and find out how much the performance gains will help you out.

Gibraltar Advent Calender – Day 5

VistaDB: Five Performance Tips

This “treat sized” post is the tasty morsel behind door number 5 of our Gibraltar Software Advent Calendar and so I wanted to give you 5 tips for VistaDB performance: Use connection pooling to aid performance in applications. Use the Disconnected ADO.Net objects to improve performance over a network share. Pagesize has performance implications.…


VistaDB: Deploying Your Database

Hello! This feature is the tasty treat behind door number 3 of our Gibraltar Software Advent Calendar and shows you how to deploy your VistaDB solution. By far the easiest way to get a VistaDB deployment done is via an XCopy deployment. Of course, despite the name, you don’t actually have to use XCopy to…

Download VistaDB 4.3

VistaDB 4.3 Performance Optimization

Our biggest VistaDB update yet provides a significant performance boost in a number of common query scenarios while improving compatibility with SQL Server and broader support for SQL commands.


Gibraltar Software Acquires VistaDB

Gibraltar Software is the new home of VistaDB, the only fully managed .NET database that’s compatible with SQL Server. This is great news for existing customers of both products, enabling more development and stability for the future.