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CodeMash 2013: Pi and Jam sessions, sonic screwdrivers and a brand new tool!

Shortly after Christmas and New Year are packed away in the cupboard under the stairs for another year, I often sense a general feeling of malaise from those around me. It isn’t something that I can relate to though …

CodeMash logoFor the past 4 years I have been lucky to avoid the deflated feeling that comes with the post-holiday blues, because for me January brings one of the best events of the year – CodeMash!

The team here at Gibraltar Software are really getting excited about this year’s trip, and there are a couple of awesome reasons for that.

Gibraltar are helping ramp up the CodeMash Jam Sessions

CodeMash has always had a Jam Session, but for 2013 the ante is being well-and-truly upped!

Jay is going to be working with Carl Franklin to make the Jam Session something that musicians of all levels of experience can get involved with. Need equipment or instruments? Don’t worry, CodeMash are making a range of house gear available including drums, guitars, bass, keyboards and mikes!

That’s not the only good thing though. This year, the CodeMash organisers are opening up the entire dining hall on the Thursday evening, right after the Pecha Kucha, so that musicians of all persuasions and levels of experience can come together to get their collective groove on. Anyone for some Chaka Khan?

Find out more about what’s going on and join in the Jam Session conversation on the CodeMash Google Group.

Have your Pi and eat it

Gary has been selected to speak twice at the event. Both of his sessions will be on Thursday, which means you’ll likely find him in the spa all day on Friday Winking smile.

I don’t want to give the game away, but Gary has a pretty special Highland surprise for the attendees of this year’s CodeMash. All I will say is will he be a true Scotsman?

Find Gary speaking at the following times:

Thursday @ 11am, Salon G: Raspberry Pi Deep Dive
Thursday @ 4.50pm, Orange: Not Everything is an Object: Functional Superiority with Clojure

The official unveiling of a brand new product

Gibraltar Software flairOver the past 12 months the development team at Gibraltar Software have been working solidly to ensure that we can bring a brand new team tool to you in the first quarter of 2013.

CodeMash will mark its official unveiling and we would love for you to come and see what we have been working on.

We will have some cool Gibraltar flair to give to every person who comes to visit us.

And if flair isn’t your (swag) bag, well then, read on …

Doctor Who Sonic Screwdrivers up for grabs

Saving the best until last … We have managed to get our mitts on two, yes two sonic screwdriver programmable remotes.

I know there are a bunch of you at CodeMash who are big Doctor Who fans – I’ve seen you during the DW Open Spaces! Come by the Gibraltar Software table near the main dining hall and enter our raffle. You could walk away with one of your very own.

Imagine the sheer, unbounded joy at being able to control your TV set with your very own sonic screwdriver!

Safe travels to everyone going to CodeMash, and to those of you who won’t be there keep an eye on the Gibraltar Software Facebook page for pictures, videos and behind the scenes footage.

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