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Exploding into 2013 with a cracking contest winner

Happy New Year to all of our customers and friends! We hope that 2013 brings prosperity and happiness to every one of you.

Speaking of prosperity, giving away a prize has got to be a pretty prosperous way to start 2013, and so that is just what I intend to do.

As you may remember, during the month of December we posted a blog article for every day of advent that highlighted creative and useful features of Gibraltar Analyst, Hub and VistaDB. After each post, we asked you to tell us what new features you were wishing for in future releases of the products.

We had some fantastic feedback, not to mention great ideas, for us to consider for future versions of the Gibraltar product line.

But there can be only one winner of our cracking contest grand prize of a whopping $200 gift card for, and that winner is … Paul MacDonald.

Cracking Christmas Contest Winner - Paul MacDonald

Our contest winner was picked at random from the entries that we received, and therefore the wish that was made did not influence the selection. However, I thought that you might like to know what our winner wished for.

Like many of our contest participants, Paul wished for improvements to the speed of VistaDB. Luckily for Paul and those other wish-makers, there is always some new area of performance that can be focused on with regard to VistaDB performance, so hopefully you will see that wish come true in a not-too-distant future release.

And now my friends, let’s grab 2013 by the horns and get this New Year going!

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