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VistaDB: Five Performance Tips

Gibraltar Advent Calender – Day 5

This “treat sized” post is the tasty morsel behind door number 5 of our Gibraltar Software Advent Calendar and so I wanted to give you 5 tips for VistaDB performance:

  1. Use connection pooling to aid performance in applications.
  2. Use the Disconnected ADO.Net objects to improve performance over a network share.
  3. Pagesize has performance implications.
  4. With Full Text Search each insert/update/delete refreshes the FTS index.
  5. Use DDA when raw speed is required.

Well that’s all for this post, until next time, happy coding! Smile

In the meantime, what feature is on your Gibraltar Software Christmas List? Share your ideas with us on Facebook and you’ll have a chance to win a fantastic prize!

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